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Friday, November 4, 2011

An Open Letter to Ms. Carolyn Battle Cochrane...

Dear Ms. I'm Biracial, Not Black Damnit!,

You don't know me...

It's been a couple of years and while I'm completing the editing of my upcoming book, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman, I thought I'd pen this open letter to find out how your journey has been.
I see that you have a facebook page: .  Don't worry, I most certainly haven't friended you. Honestly, I don't think you even like yourself, much less have room for those with strong identities like myself.

Wow! I'm talking to the one and only woman to raise a flag of her offense of (not being confused for a white woman). Oh, the indignation of you being considered Black--African American. It must have really shook you up. Imagine...the insult of being considered one of us or is that half of who you are? I'm confused. *shrug* Any hoot. I sincerely hope there was no severe psychological damage in being mistaken for a Negro.

Yeah, that's how Black folks understood it.

The mess you started was over what? Your own insecurity, bigotry, or self-hate?

Honey, most African Americans look at biracials as a group of folks who are weak in the head and prone to behaviors that are just downright imbalanced and disturbing. And that picture on facebook you have of yourself; shows someone who is not confident and perhaps has identity issues, as well as with a bout of internal anger.  You also need to lose some weight.

Let me just get to the point: You want to be white and can't or won't be accepted for a white girl.  That's your issue.

All of this ranting and raving that you have done; creating a forum for those like yourself, who basically, are just symbols of your parents intra-bigotry against people that look like themselves. Did your Black daddy have an issue with Black women, shugah? What, did the Black girl of his dream turn him down for the prom when he was in high school? What?  Or did he leave your white mother, forcing her to live as the underprivileged--given the shame associated with a biracial child? 

I'm listening to Donny Hathaway right now. Ever heard of him?

Do you know anything about Soul, Carolyn?

Well, I really just wanted to let you know that Black people are doing just fine and we aren't sad that you don't consider yourself one of us.

Many Black mothers said, "Phew...thank God, she's not my fault."

Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey and a few more notable Zebras, truly are more of an embarrassment in the opinion of many in the African American community, and are the living symbols of why I made the decision of not having anything to do with whites. Why? Because it is ridiculous to convince me that having a relationship with someone that comes from the group that oppressed your people is something to be proud of.

Every day that I wake up,  I just feel fabulous and I thank the most High God for making me a Black woman. 

That's something you will never be able to understand.

Live you life, dear. Do what you do.

And Good Riddance.

Black folks will not miss you.



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