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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 Ways To Build A Strong Family...

Family is the foundation of society. Family is our rock. In the world today, we are constantly bombarded with images that promote everything except what builds strong families. I thought I'd take some time today
and create a list of 10 ways to build a stronger family:

1. Put God first in your family and home. God created family as the first instituion. We should always honor it.
2. Give Support. Don't wait to be asked for help--GIVE IT willingly. Lend a helping hand with a smile. Encourage those who are down.
3. Be Kind. Do you smile when you see your loved ones? What do they see in your eyes? How do they feel after you leave?
4. Be Truthful with one another. Trust is a necessary component of ALL relationships.
5. Show solidarity. ALL for one--and one for ALL.
6. Do unto your family as you would have them do unto you. Service begins in the home.
7. Practice family cooperation. Build a CORPORATION. Invest in each other and build wealth together.
8. RESPECT YOUR FAMILY! No disrespect should be tolerated from within or outside the family.
9.  Keep in touch. Never use distance as an excuse for not communication.
10. Be Available. Stop being so busy and give your family your undivided attention.

No family is perfect, but when you practice these things consistently, you;ll soon discover how much joy will come into your lives.


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Anonymous said...

good post, keep it up.