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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Your Man Was Raped!

Where I live, I see young men that are obviously gay. Everyone wants to know why so many young males are gay these days.

Last year, Oprah had Tyler Perry on her show and he revealed that he had been molested by 4 different people(three men and a woman) when he was a little boy. Oprah did a follow-up show with 200 men who had also been molested as young boys.  Because of society's homophobia, many men feel isolated and never seek help. 

In Western society, man are raised to deny and mask their emotions.  Man-up! This is a common command toward men who appear to be "too sensitive."  When men can't be real about what is going on with them, this can be an open door to anger issues.  Men who act out their abuse through anger typically end up in the criminal justice system.  Other ways men mask what happened to them is to deny it and try to medicate through drugs and alcohol.  Some will end up having to obtain psychiatric help as a result. Worst case scenario is suicide.

We constantly are bombarded these days with stories about young women that were molested as children, but so have young boys. Those boys grow into men. They keep it a secret--then get into relationships. His behavior is strange, but typically, a woman will just assess that he's having a bad day. Well, those bad days grow into weeks, then other things begin to manifest in the relationship.

Your man was raped as a child. And now you're pregnant with his child.

How do you confront something as this. You know you love him, but can you get past this dirty little secret?

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