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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why Is It So Hard For Some People to RESPECT Others?

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My mother taught me when I was a little girl that Manners, will carry you farther than money in this world. As a grown woman, I find this to be true.

You see it in the grocery store, the mall, in school, at work, the amount of rudeness and disrespectful behavior in public these days; literally can and has led to violence--even murder.

People today are so tense and angry all the time, but a smiling face can be a welcome relief.

But...everyone was not taught the Golden Rule.

Friday, I received my job evaluation and although it was a good performance review; I felt completely disrespected by my supervisor, Liz and the assistant manager, Mario, who is over her department. As I took a seat in the office, She said nothing, typing on the computer the entire time--Mario just handed me the paper, told me what my raise would be, and then told me to read over it...than had the nerve to ask me if I had any questions. I did read over it and commented on it. My anger began to surface and I really felt that I should leave before I blew up. As I got up to leave, I requested a copy of my review and quickly exited. It was time for my lunch, so I chose to eat out that day. Honestly, I really felt like confronting my manager, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind. The next day, her boss, Phyllis; called me back in the office and told me that the Assistant, Mario, mentioned to her that "I didn't feel satisfied with my performance review." Hmmm....I didn't remember mentioning anything to him, but how convenient that he went to her. Phyllis apologized for the review and she mentioned that she told Mario that she absolutely did not feel it was appropriate how my JP was handled. We went over each section of it...and I took the liberty of airing out some grievances and concerns that I had. Believe me, I did not hold back--my company has been going through a lot of changes and we have some serious issues with our management staff that has really been the catalyst of our problems.

Basically, however, Phyllis earned my respect that day because she addressed the issue--set the record straight, and cleared up any misconceptions that I had.

My supervisor and Mario on the other hand, both are incompetent. Mario was recently hired back after spending six months in prison for beating up his wife. My supervisor is completely inexperienced and just is not qualified to do her job. I have no respect for that.

Whether it be on the the job or just out in public; why is it so hard for people to respect other people?

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