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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Happened To Proud Black People?

Dear God,

Another day has come...and I see more examples of self-hatred being perpetrated by so-called, African American people. Do any of them realize that our people were the first to exist. All life evolved from the Mother continent, Africa?  What happened to to my people? I've been looking for them for years, but I can't seem to find them. Are they really African American or White Supremacists spreading spam over the internet? Creating a false order of misinformation, motivated to confuse, instigate discord and more generally; to have a nice hearty laugh at their perception of Dumb N*ggers?

The drum beats. I hear voices lifting...they sound tribal. It is the ancestors trying to get through on a very busy communication link. Most of us hear those drums every day, but the "lost ones", they hear nothing but the static of empty minds, filled with hollow images of false images and mindless words. There is no thought behind their speech. It is a language of fools. And only those who are unable to be educated by the wise can understand it.

Where did our people go wrong? When did they begin to start listening to the enemy. Preaching Satanic gospels and chanting malevolent hymns of doom. Death is anticipated. Life is worthless. The mirrors refuse to reflect the faceless. Lost a twisted mortality--no focus, self-worth or joy.

I wish they hadn't shot Malcolm. He would know what to say. He would use the right words and call it out for what it is...Black Vanilla. They want to be a new version of white. They are convinced that being what they are is undesirable. They look at pale skin, blue eyes and blond hair--visioning themselves a Black version of their oppressor. Swirl, Oreo, Creamed Coffee, a mixture of two, but a desire to be more like the one. Black snow. Trying to make snow men out of Black snow. An irony? A duality? A tragedy. Yes.

I want to kill them. They misrepresent me. My people are defiled. Someone must tell them that they can never be white. If they were the most vanilla of chocolate; they would still not be white. I'm ashamed of them and I pray for you to destroy them before their numbers grow any further. This seed must be destroyed, I say!

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Oh, Father! My spirit is vexed.

Have mercy, Lord. They are lost--show them the way. The enemy has misguided them and contaminated their thinking. How do you destroy a people? They come from a great race, but know nothing of it. Show them the TRUTH, OH, GOD! We've been punked!

The enemy has blinded them. His laughter is loud. He boasts of his conquest. They said they loved Jesus, but they were liars. They spoon fed doctrines of hate to my people. They were hungry for what they conceived their enemy desired. Every thing they knew: their name, Africa, their language, religion and their history, was stolen--and hidden from them. Now they are a people who have eyes, but cannot see. They were deceived and my people bought into the lie. Take away these imposters and remove the blinders of the people. I know they are not of my blood. My people had soul. They had an energy that was infectious. Their creativity and originality came from you. Why some of us want to be empty and souless like the enemy? Why?

I miss my people and I want them to come home.

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