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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Black Latinos: To Be or Not to Be...BLACK!

Race and Racism in Latin America: The Caribbean

Race and Racism in Latin America: Brazil

For years, Latin people have come to America and many really seem to be confused in my opinion. Some identify with their African roots, while others seem to harbor deep self-loathing and even denial about who they are.

Many African Americans were appalled by the photo of Sammy Sosa last year, that showed the drastic pigmentation change of his skin,making him look like a wax figure with white skin.. He admitted that he was using a skin whitener. A man doing that? It shocked the life out of people.Many AA's were appalled. Still yet, this is going on in many parts of the Diaspora. Link:

There are over 1.7 Million Black Latinos is this country. The largest group hail from the Dominican Republic, rounded out by Puerto Rico, Cuba and Panama.

What many African Americans don't realize is that during the slave trade, only about 500,000 to 1,000,000 came to America, the rest went to parts of the Caribbean and to various parts of Latin America.

The one thing that that I've learned about many in Latin America, being called Black is despised and Black people in Latin countries are taught from birth to hate being Black.

African Americans identify with color. Blacks in Latin American countries, identify with their nationality first then their color. Such staunch patriotism is admirable is fine, but one who has traveled to any part of Latin America has to be moved in noticing that you do not even see Black people working in shops, hotels, as police, bus drivers, and certainly not in office and corporate settings. Why?

The largest population of Black people outside of Nigeria are in Brazil. But if one travels to this country; all you have to do is LOOK to see that regardless of what you saw on the travel brochure; Brazil is a color coded country. Brazil has always advertised itself as a mixed race oasis. But Brazil is not a racial democracy. People confuse racial coexistence with racial equality.

African Americans have always embraced their Africaness...and even though we have our own identity issues both past and present; we still acknowledge our roots and do not deny what we are--BLACK!

Currently, this topic is being discussed on another site. I will post the link to infuse some thought on the subject as well as to discern how others view this topic. Link:

For this reason, African Americans seem to dislike and resent Black Latinos.

What are your views on this topic, either pro or con?

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