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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Happened To Black Culture?

Grew up during the Black Power era. I saw the coolest of Black brothers and sisters, wearing big Afros, faces contoured by dark shades--throwing up the fists--greeting each other with, "What's up, brutha/sistah? Sometimes they wore dashikis, had big African medallions around their necks. There was a air of pride, sharp intellect and an acknowledgment of their true origins.

The community I grew up in was filled with images of Black men and women--loving each other. Their children were a reflection of their bond.

From music to sports, the image of Black people was one of a people who were rising into a consciousness that would lead them to a greater destiny than their ancestors could have foreseen.

What happened?

Today, black women parade around with hair weaves, fake European hair sewn in--sold by Koreans and made rich. Blacks control no aspect of this market. It ain't real, why are so many sistahs being bamboozled?

Who are we? What happened to our culture?

The African American gave America true culture. Our music, language, style, art, intellects, creativity and spirit, inspired a nation.

From the plantation to the White House. From Jazz to Hip Hop, Black culture and people have been a prolific people, but I am not feeling that this generation appreciates the contributions that have been made.

Are we losing our culture?

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K. Rock said...

Our culture has been gone. Even since the slave trade. If you ask a black person where they are from, they can't tell you more than S. Carolina, or Atlanta, or whatever. You ask a white person and they can trace their roots back to their country of origin. The little bit of culture that we had back in the 70's has been sucked away due to our desire to assimilate. Now we are just like everybody else.

The Uppity Sistah! said...

Black culture is alive, but it is not as visible today due to the lack of respect some Black people display for their own history.

When you begin to emulate another culture/race; subconsciously and subliminally; you're saying that your people don't matter.

I believe the only way to stop this is to CALL IT OUT--CONFRONT THE PERPETRATORS and hold them accountable.

What matters most to us will then be valued.