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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Black Woman's View on White Women...

Scanning the web today, I saw this while Googling some topics on various discussion topics I was interested in:  A former Wall Street analyst who wrote a book about dating men of other races has sparked a major debate about political correctness.

J.C. Davies examines the myths about interracial lovers in I Got The Fever: Love, What's Race Gotta Do With It?

She told MailOnline how 20 years' experience ,and hundreds of interviews informed her research, which she says reveals fascinating insight into cultural differences. *Click on link*

This shouldn't be a news scoop, but historically and currently, the view of white women has been tipped by the insistence by white males, that they are supposed to be superior to all women. Their beauty is celebrated by white males, packaged, sold and bought by the world. The image of the white female is generally one of a smiling blond; dressed to look sexy or ultra feminine; and given fuel by constant marketing.

During slavery, the psychological brainwashing that was perpetrated on slaves infused this ideal. How can you see yourself in the eyes of your enemy? Interracial unions are nothing new, but as relates to the history of America, the attraction is not based on love, but one of curiosity brought on through the proximity of slavery. In those times, the white man lusted for the Black woman, and because of his power over her body, being a slave, he could have sex with her at his will. However, the white woman was off limits to the Black male slave. It was dangerous for any Black man to even think of touching a white woman. The contrasts of how Black women and white women were viewed is very telling: The Black woman wore rags. Her hair wasn’t combed. She had no make-up or other things to make her look feminine and beautiful. On the contrary, the white woman wore beautiful gowns. She was made up and her hair was done up in a regal coiffure. The Black male slave could see how well kept the white woman was; secretly, some Black males slaves may have desired her. Thus, the Great Myth, perpetrated by white males, of the White Woman being the most desired woman was born.
As relates to Black women, it is a skewed image. Made up. Propaganda created to destroy the self-esteem of Black people, particularly Black women, in order to subjugate an entire race of people. The Black woman in contrast was not seen in this manner. She was portrayed historically as either the Black Mammy--domestic servant, catering to the needs of the Missus of the mansion or the valueless slut; sexually depraved and easy.

Race has played a large part of how minorities view themselves sexually and this woman writing such a book in my opinion, exposes an arrogance within her to do so because she is well aware that what she is doing is merely expressing and exposing just how deep White Privilege allows her to be marketed by the white owned media and publishing outlets without the fear of backlash. It promotes a general idea and a subliminal presumption white women have been taught through daily images and historical caricatures that corroborate her attitude.  Perhaps she's trying to goad debate or is it a more subtle and racist way of this woman trying to infer that women of color should be jealous?  Black women are not jealous of white women--they just aren't impressed with them and I can say with just pure honesty, Black women could care less what white women think about them and generally, aren't the least bit interested in what they like to do and whom or what they do it with.

I remember when the movie Obsessed came out, white people, particularly white women, were mad when Beyonce kicked that white woman's @ss for messing with her husband and threatening her child. The prevailing, and might I state, racist attitude, that NO successful Black man would ever turn down throbbing--easy white p*ssy. The comments were so hilarious, I found this link to emphasize the generality of their presumptions:

But you see, it's a slippery slope when you have to analyze what is real and what is fiction:

Fact 1: Black women have the highest self-esteem of all groups and are the least likely to commit suicide.

Fact 2: White women are not taking Black men--The majority of Black men MARRY BLACK WOMEN.

Fact 3: Black women do not feel inferior to white women--why should they when white women spend millions of dollars on lip injections, boob jobs, tanning, and butt implants to copy the look of Black women who have naturally what they have to pay for?

Thus, are white women the true beauty standard?

There are many others I could list, but I feel that those who have common sense can gather the logic of what I've already said.

What really sparks a moment of clarity is that in truth; A self-respecting Black women would never have written such a book. Sex should not define a woman--CHARACTER is what should be most visible within her.

A real woman would know this.


"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens." -John Homer Miller-

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