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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

God Save Men From Halle Berry!

Goodness, Lawd!

No. I'm not late. I just have been offline for about two weeks. And I need to discuss really, really...bad. It's time.

Couldn't even get my Thanksgiving meal down after hearing about the big brawl that occurred at Halle's house.

Really? Did Gab deserve to get beat down like that? I'm starting to really feel sorry for this guy. Stockholm Syndrome is beginning to take and effect I guess.

But I'm not kidding, I think it's high time for people to really ask the real question: WHAT IS WRONG INSIDE OF HALLE BERRY THAT SHE ATTRACTS THIS TYPE OF ENERGY IN HER LIFE? If you're over 35, then you saw Halle come up. And I swear for over 20 years, this woman has had one bad relationship after the other. It was Wesley Snipes who hit her so hard; it literally bust her eardrum, leaving her deaf in that ear. And this was long before she married David Justice and then Eric Benet--divorcing both. All of this failure from one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. What's up? She's had more men than most women will have in a lifetime; but she can't keep any. And she loves to play the victim. Her relationship with Gab lasted barely two years, ending up in hostility and now violence. This new dude better take cover.

Personally, I'm giving the relationship two years. Anyone wanna bet on it.

But honestly, men really need to stay clear of Halle Berry. It's clear that she's disturbed and needs help.

Black men used to love her, but many were turned off after her performance in Monster's Ball. It was a slap in the face to see a Black woman literally have sex with a racist Redneck crakkka (Billy Bob Thornton)--who was responsible for the execution of a Black man; and one of the ugliest white men in the business--then have Hollywood reward her with an Academy award for it.

In a nutshell, it's one thing to blame a relationship failure on the man, but when you have a history of this; logically speaking, it's not the man--It's HALLE.

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