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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The White Response To President Obama's Re-election...

When returning to work after the re-election of President Barack Obama, I was greeted by a headline in my local newspaper of a local woman who was fired for her racist comments on Facebook regarding the Presidential race.  Her name was Beth Oglesby.  If you look for her facebook account, quite conveniently, it's been deleted.

But it was too late. The damage had been done.  Many people who viewed the comment began taking snapshots of it with their Smartphones and the evidence was sealed in cyber in perpetuity.

The trouble all started when Ms. Oglesby quipped "That damn N*gger got re-elected again.  God Bless The USA!"  Angry comments followed, but Ms. Oglesby was not deterred and she continued to make racist comments

I'm not really shocked by her reaction.  I've lived in Georgia for eight years now and this is the true face of white southerners.  There are many like Beth Oglesby and she just was bold about her true bigotry against African Americans.

As one, I'm not saddened, hurt or the least bit upset.  Why?  Because this was a young white woman who obviously had learned her racist views from somewhere.  Which gives a true moot response to whites who dare ask: "Is race still a problem in America?"

When was it ever resolved?

African Americans for the most part are not the least bit fooled by the smiles we get in the grocery store, the looks from whites as we go about our business or how whites feign their so called "colorblindness" mantras.  No. we are too hip and discerning to by into that.  We know what white folks are thinking--even when they try to mask it.  It's not so much what they do overtly that condemns them--it's the covert and the subconscious that expose white people.

Beth Oglesby is a representative of this group  She was fired from her job for this act of free speech.  The place where she worked began to have their business impacted and had to act.  Well, this child is in the cyber archives forever.  She can delete her account--not what she did. And the world will read about it long after she leaves this earth.

Here's the kicker: Apparently, she had Black friends.  Wow!  Imagine that.


Anonymous said...

I am a white woman, and I am not rascist . I was raised color blind , and my kindergarten class had half black, half white students . That's wrong for you to imply that all white people are racist , or people in the grocery store smiling at you : have a alterior motive . And they are trying to hide their true feelings . This "bit*h" represents herself , and how SHE feels . You will find that rascist people do NOT hide it, and will shout it from the rooftop. So please dont be rascist yourself and group us all into one box , because of what this lady did. That would be no different from me grouping all black people into one box saying "oh a black man shot someone , all black people are murderers . Come on now !

The Uppity Sistah! said...

Most white people would say what you did. However, it's quite convenient to sidestep responsibility. How many times have you been the witness or present when whites were obviously being racist toward Black people or other minorities. Did you say anything? or did you just stand there?

You see, most white folks are blind to racism. So how would you know when to react to it?

Most white people are racist subliminally. And the fact that you dismiss that; and then altogether close with a very prejudiced hypothesis; proves the point clearly.

Many white people look at others with a magnifying glass but only see themselves with rose-colored glasses.

The sick depraved crimes that whites commit on a daily basis: serial killings, child murders, rape, sodomy, white teachers molesting students, beastiality, family murders, suicide, cannibalism of murder victims, mass shootings(Columbine, Virginia Tech, Colorado theatre shooting, Sikh Mosque shooting, et al; are so disturbing; it's almost laughable to many Black people that you still feel guiltless when you point fingers at us for being..."in the opinion of many clueless white folks; that we are more violent.

I know what I'm talking about and you should respect that fact if nothing else.

Black people are not making up their stories about their experiences. Our responses are merely "real time" blogs.

And it's 2012--so, uh...does race really matter? We know it does. Many liberal racist hide their racism very well, sweetie.

Perception is reality. And the reality is that Whites in America have a legacy and are condemned by it in perpetuity.