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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Young Brotha Broke it Down For A White Woman!

On another site, there is a current discussion going on regarding the true intent of interracial relationships and the skeptical perceptions many Blacks have regarding white who want everyone to believe that they are really "colorblind" *roll eyes* and choose non white mates, particularly Black mates.

40 years ago, they were calling Black people monkeys, gorillas and apes, yet it's now OK for Barbie to bring home Tupac ? Or Shaquita to bring home Tanner?

Here is a comment from that thread which in all my years on the Internet; I have to say it's one of the boldest coming from a Black male to a white female who seemed hurt that he wasn't interested in white women:
"Not much to discuss Vanilla I don't like white chicks. caused the down fall of black men for generations. Too many black men have found themselves staring down at the ashes and ruins of their homes, churches and businesses, have found themselves locked up, and hanging from ropes, more often than not, minus their dicks, balls and digits, eyes gouged out and disemboweled, all on the strength of some broad's claim of "he raped me", or "he whistled at me", "he dared to look me in my eyes", "he didn't look down or jump off the sidewalk fast enough when I walked by". You ladies have been fucking with, and fucking (literally) with black men since the first ships filled with human cargo landed on these shores. From Emmitt Till to the Scottsboro Boys, the white woman's perverted lust for, and subsequent guilt of that lust, through their dishonesty and lies, has resulted in too much black blood being needlessly spilled. Ever heard of George Stimmey? A lesser known version of Emmitt Till, but the story is no less heinous. 14 years old, "convicted" of raping and killing two little white girls; no evidence to prove his guilt, yet the state of South Carolina executed a boy who was so small, they had to stack books for him to sit on in the electric chair. Certainly too small to have raped and killed two girls. And before you give me that tired line about "that was then" or "this doesn't happen anymore", maybe not at the same rate or severity, but it still happens. Dumb ass brotha sitting in a prison in Georgia, because he fucked some white chick a few DAYS before her "legal age of consent" to have sex. Dude had scholarships to colleges and had been accepted, great student in high school, bright future, but her racist KKK daddy made a fuss and naturally most whites were on board with locking him up. His life is pretty much over. All because he had to have some white pussy. Sad part was throughout the trial she never stepped forward, never stood up for the dude. Dudes still risking beat down and possible death over some white pussy. We've got our own beautiful black women, but they aren't good enough for some of us. If it ain't white, it ain't right. *chuckle*
I've been approached by white women looking to hook up, I'm not impressed nor flattered by their attention, and when I flick 'em off like fleas, they have the nerve to be indignant, of course they pull that old bent up "race card"...."oh my god you're a racist!" Can't fathom that there are brothas out here who aren't checking for them, that's the over inflated ego of white chicks.

So nope, I'm not on that kumbayah shit, I don't like white women, and black men who chase white tail are stupid. That time COULD be better spent cultivating friendships and relationships with their black women.

I don't hate you all, but I damn sho' don't like you all either.

There it is is what it is........."

If more Black men did this...there wouldn't be so much bickering between Black men and women.

His response was totally apropos.

As you read this woman's comments--it just hints at desperation...

However, as she found out: There are more than a few brothers who will tell your behind that you need to wipe the 'ish between your crack.


*Thread link: Why Are White People Really Lusting For Black People So Much? - Page 3 - MYURBANHANGOUT.COM *scroll down to AmilAmir comment to Vanilla_kiss*

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