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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Give Me Ten Benefits For Marrying A White Person..

I'm doing this because of a post I read on another site. Here it is:


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Originally Posted by maint_man
you dig who you dig. sometimes you have to consider the source.
So tru, but im gonna keep it 100 and say i feel somewhat forced to date interracially. I dont know what has happened to young black men in the last five years but most of them have become vain self-serving little monsters. The amount of hatred for black women i have witnessed is fuckin astounding. Im with my current bf bc 1 hes bad as hell for a white cat and 2 is one of the few men that has treated me me with decency and respect while i was dating mostly black guys. Im not sayin all black men are like that but the frequency in which i experience it is whoa.

I would love to build with a black man but alot of yall take hip hop as the gospel and its insane. I cant turn on the radio without hearing some rapper talk about how he fettin white girls. Khloe and lamar, kim K, ice t, all over the tv mushin young black mens brains. Tariq elite said something to the effect of 'getting a white girl makes a dusty hood ***** feel like he accomplished something'. Im starting to think he was on on point. Sorry for the rant but i just had this convo with a coworker

So, the jest of this is that Black men date/marry white women because they feel that white women will make them feel better and Black women date/marry white men out of necessity because they feel rejected by Black men?

This sounds crazy to me.

Why are Black parents raising White Supremacists?

Yet, folks will tell you quickly that "times have changed." Really?

Sorry, but I don't think interracial marriage is a cure for racism, but thus; I ask: Give me 10 benefits for marrying a white man/woman.


Anonymous said...

Well...I can't really name specific benefits for marrying a white man/woman, so I won't name any. I'm not saying they don't exist; however, many of those "defining" reasons such as income, respect, and future goals can be found in black males as well. Throughout my 25 years, I have had constant contact with intelligent, responsible, successful, career-oriented African-American males. No, I am not so-called "upper-class". However, I choose to surround myself with peers whom I admire and respect and vice versa. Therefore, I feel that for any black female who cannot find similar black males ANYWHERE in the vicinity, maybe should take a look within and see what, if anything, you have to offer.

The Uppity Sistah! said...

Whitney, I thank you for your comment and I agree with them. This question will have many people THINKING--probably for the first time.

In my honest opinion; we have been taught to believe everything about our community from whites. 400 years of media assassination, racist imagery, misinformation et al, has provoked Black people to believe the most ignorant, racist and derogatory things about themselves. seems that there is an attack on the Black family. Why would a successful Black woman/man marry a white man/woman? Seriously. What ramifications does that have on the Black community as a whole? Why are whites trying to sell a post-racial society when it is obvious that they are trying to use psychological tactics--using language of "tolerance" from the Civil Rights era to protect white privilege. Are Black people really seeing the BIG PICTURE?

I see it wide and clear.