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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Is Black Beauty?

Black Beauty is my hair blowing in the wind, free of chemicals; healthy and shiny...everyone staring...and me smiling back.

Black Beauty is putting on hip hugging jeans, now that I'm way past 23; young and old men staring at me, winking and flirting; I laugh.

Black Beauty is having friends that knew me when I was five; we reminisce, tell jokes and act as if time has never slipped us by.

Black beauty is little Black girls with pig tails telling you they like your make-up; while eating an ice cream cone, running away to play--giggling, but turning around to wave good bye.

Black Beauty is watching Black grandmothers, looking proud and dignified, as they quietly thank the lord that he has allowed them to amongst those whom their DNA is linked; knowing they will never be forgotten.

Black Beauty is the laughter of old Black men telling jokes to old friends who knew them when they were young.

Black Beauty is going to church on Sunday, praising the Lord with your family and giving thanks for having a good life.

Black Beauty is looking at pictures of gold, copper and bronze; being reminded that my skin reminds the world of what is beautiful, desired and valued.

Black Beauty is always feeling the power of my ancestors as the sun kisses my face.

Black Beauty is me walking down the street seeing a butterfly and feeling the love of God.

Black Beauty is seeing a rainbow; feeling blessed to be alive.

I am a Black woman. God meant for this to be. Therefore, my Black Beauty is of the divine.

This is the definition of Black Beauty to me.

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