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Friday, December 30, 2011

A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman Is Published!!!

You've all waiting a long time...had to go through a lot of edits before I finalized the much anticipated book that I've discussed.  It was a journey to complete it, but it is now available and you can purchase the book today at: . It is also available on
This book was birthed through observation of Black men and how I, as a Black woman, interpreted their behavior over a period of time.  One day I just realized how often I'd see Black males and the one thing lacking in their demeanor was joy.  They were not happy.  And the negativity that surrounds many young Black men is not only having a devastating impact on them as a group; it's beginning to be felt in many levels of Black culture.  Do Black men know who they are and where their ancestors came from?  Do they know their history as men from a global perspective.  We've lost almost 2 generations of young Black men.  Gone too soon...and never realizing their potential.  It's a travesty.  This must stop.

A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman is the book that speaks with absolute realness, soul and discerment of what I, A Black woman, feels is the crux of the Black male dilemma.

Get your copy today!  And tell others about this book.

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