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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Welcome The FBI on My Blog!

Today, while editing the comments to the blog, I got an anonymous message from an FBI agent.  I read it...and responded.

Apparently, my blog has gotten some attention from White Supremacists and other racists that like to hide behind the computer.

The utter irony that I'm listening to an old dance groove by House music legends, Ten City called "Suspicion."

As an African American, I really am not at all inclined to attract attention from Law Enforcement, but honestly, in the information age; one can't get spooked by the presence of those who are hired to protect and monitor all suspicious activity.

My blog is not a platform of hatred.  It is not one with its creator impassioned by some crazed agenda.  It is not a manifesto.  No.  It is just an open journal of everything I think about on any given day--and if you read it--you do so by choice.  It is honest.  No apologies will be given.  However, if you can handle the truth--The Uppity Sistah gives it out by the pound.

Back to my main point: I have nothing to hide.  And I welcome the FBI to come visit the blog.  Hell, it would be just peachy if The Uppity Sistah can assist our Law Enforcement Brethren in some way.  I hate bad people.

One thing is for sure, I'll never tell a lie.  And who knows...they might just be amused, entertained as well as informed about what real folks actually talk about.


Positive sis said...

I've looked at your blog, and you DO have a lot of positive material here.

However, I saw the post in question and the FBI comment. I'm sorry, but what you said WAS racist. "White people are inherently racist." Substitute something like "black people are inherently stupid/lazy" and it doesn't seem so much like "truth" any more, does it?

I've met racist white people. I also have been fortunate enough to have many supportive teachers, friends, coworkers, etc who respected me and didn't look at my skin color, and they happened to be white. In all fairness, I think your comments are just as insulting to good people like them, as it would be if someone called me or my family inherently stupid for being black.

The Uppity Sistah! said...

Don't you ever call me a racist.

I'm merely reacting to the behavior of whites that we see on a regular basis.

Because I speak boldly about it, does not make me a bad person--it alerts those who commit such behavior that they are being watched and will be held accountable. I call it as I see it--I don't need or seek anyone else's approval.

Black people annoy the hell out of me with this attitude that even when they are being disrespected, they still have to show respect to white folks.


Why should any intelligent person show courtesy to anyone that has not been polite to them?

Anonymous said...

But you're going beyond not showing courtesy. You're taking it a step further by labeling an entire race of people, including those who probably would be respectful of you or any other human being, regardless of race.

I show courtesy to people who show me respect. There are plenty of white people who HAVE and CONTINUE to show me respect on a regular basis. I DON'T defend or respect people who are racist or abusive to me, but that subset of people does NOT include all white people.

You could have said "racist people get on my nerves" and I would have agreed with your sentiment.

The Uppity Sistah! said...

I'm labeling a group of people?

And just what is being done to Black people every single day? When you go to the mall and get followed by security? When you're out grocery shopping and for some unknown reason, you're looking for rice in aisle 4, but some old white woman confuses you for the help?

What is the difference between a white person and a white racist?

Anonymous said...

"And just what is being done to Black people every single day?"

I understand that the examples you stated happen to people. But my point is, not all (I'd say not even MOST) white people should be held responsible for the actions of the racist ones.

The difference between a white person and a white racist is that NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE DO THINGS LIKE THAT.

Most of them are probably trying to live their lives and get on with their day, not worrying about whether someone is black/white or whatever.

And again, there are plenty of white people who treat blacks and others with respect, who aren't racist. I'm sorry if you haven't run into them, and only the ones that are racist, but if you're basing your assertion only on the bad bunch that you've seen in action, then yes, that is just as bad as when people stereotype black people.

So all the white people that have been kind and respectful to me, that have been good friends and mentors, who respect my opinions and my achievements, they're all racist, even though they have done NOTHING to me or anyone else that I know of to support the theory that they're inherently racist? Sure I don't know what they do behind closed doors, I'm not there every second of their lives, but if you come back with that as an argument, quite frankly that just is paranoid and unfair. That's bordering on conspiracy theory (and again, I'm talking about people who have shown me that they are not cut from the same cloth as people who follow black people around stores and think we're all hired help and whatnot). I'm judging these people based on their actions and words, not on their skin color or some lingering belief that somewhere, somehow they will prove that they're racist.

I thought that was the ultimate goal, to judge people for their actions and words, not for their color or what others of their color do.

People are PEOPLE, and some are good and others bad, in every race.

The Uppity Sistah! said...

The one thing that I've noticed about Black people is how often Blacks are forgiving of whites and their behavior--even when it is blatant.

It speaks to how different we are as a people.

The reason why I created this blog mainly is to talk about issues that impact my community, make social commentary and give unedited opinions. I will never lie nor will I allow my blog to be used for any agenda other than the reporting of the truth.

White Supremacy is real. And all one has to do is look at your local television programming these days to get some clarity as to the agenda of the White Power structure. How many Black faces do you see on the networks now? You'd think that all the Black folks in America had disappeared. We haven't. Factually, whites are decreasing in population and will one day be the minority in this country--for the first time in America's history.

Malcolm X once stated that even the nicest white folks in the world have some racism in them.

Just get on the wrong issue and you'll see that for yourself.

Joseph Hadley said...

Yeah you're a racist. And, like some bible belt christians, racists can't usually be talked out of their flawed ideas.

On the upside, you have a nice emotive writing style. Just know that it makes your arguments less valid when you don't take a measured stance on things.

Also, I'm a white man from England. But that shouldn't matter.

The Uppity Sistah! said...

Trying to explain racism to white folks is the equivalent of a woman trying to explain the pain and discomfort of menstral cramps to a man.

Basically, you don't have any right telling someone what is right and wrong if you don't understand what they are feeling.

Black people are not racist--WE are reactionary.

It's always interesting to see how white folks react to a Black person just telling it like it is. Showing no signs of weakness in just exposing the nature of duplicity amongst those who live under the umbrella of White Privilege; never examining how their behavior, speech, and attitudes impact others.

White Supremacy is a well constructed system that was built on the labor of Black African Slaves. Racism is institutionalized. The greatest trick that white racists ever pulled was to actually try and convince Blacks and other minorities that racism doesn't exist. The truth of the matter is...we still live in a system that was created through slavery.

I don't giva damn if any white person gets offended by what I say.

You people do not understand racism because you're not the targets of it. It's just so damn patronizing to act as though you're so impacted by racism when you casually dismiss the white racism being directed at Blacks and other minorities on a daily basis, and never, NEVA, say one G'damn thing. Even trying to justify such behavior. As in what is happening with the Immigration legislation that is impacting many Hispanics.

You go lecture other white folks about their racist behavior before you bring your arrogant behind to my blog, having the audacity to lecture me.

Personally, if I have offended you, I'm delighted.

And as long as I have the gift to write, I'm going to tell you the TRUTH from the other side.