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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Don't White Women Desire White Men?

Today, I'm officially putting the IR issue to rest. Because truthfully, it's not about Black men or Black women. It's not.

40 years ago, whites were calling Black people N*gger! Coons. Apes. Baboons. Monkeys, et al. Their depictions and reactions to our people were absolutely incendiary, now; you see many shows on television depicting a Black man with a white woman as a love interest or a white male involved with a Black woman. That was unheard of even when I was a kid. But today, it's being reported that America has become more "tolerant" in regards to interracial unions. Tolerance does not mean acceptance, it simply is an indicator that many folks have perhaps experimented with someone of another race sexually and thus; the barometer is not quite so hot on this issue.

Nonetheless; Black people need to examine their behavior toward each other. When it was illegal to be involved with whites; our families were in tact. Black communities were stronger and we had more pride and cooperation with one another. Today, Black people are so disconnected today; it has become convenient for our enemy to exploit our internal divisions and conflicts to further their agenda of hatred. But how can you be a White Supremacist if you willingly lay up with someone you consider to be your inferior?

And why would any self-respecting Black person want to lay up with a symbol of hatred and divide to their people?

White men and women have all of a sudden become enamored with Black people. They now see us as " desirable, sexy, attractive ", etc. But so what. We've always said that we were beautiful, but the reason for their attraction to us is suspect. Why now? What is really the issue with White men and white women? Every time you turn on the news these days, another white man has gone berserk and either killed his white girlfriend and hid the body, or...killed his entire family, and then himself.

Malcolm X once stated that when it wasn't until he go locked up that he began to realize that his attraction to white women was based on what society had put in his head: the white woman was marketed as the "ideal woman." She was the epitome of what was considered beautiful. His epiphany made him understand just how brainwashed the Black man was, prompting him to look deeper at white culture and coming to the conclusion that his attraction to white women came from a sick place within him, furthering his assessment in stating bluntly: that white people were depraved , thus, so was he.

Sometimes, in order to get to the right answer, you have to ask the right question. And the question I ask: Why Don't White Women Desire White Men ?

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