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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sorry...Halle Berry Is A Drama Queen!

Halle Berry is on the cover of the March issue of Ebony and in it, she gives an interview about her daughter. She states that she will not assert race on her daughter, yet, she contradicts herself by stating that to her, her daughter is Black--and she believes the one-drop rule. She also states that she doesn't want the Black community to think she's abandoned them because she had a child with a man outside of her race.

The custody battle she is currently engaged in prompted this responses after reports surfaced of her ex, Gabriel Aubry going beserk because his daughter was referred to as Black in an article. Halle has also accused Aubry of calling her a b*tch and the N-word. But my question is: Shouldn't she had been aware of the character of her man before she got pregnant? Playing the race card is not going to win her sympathy. She picked him.

Let's just be real, ok...Halle's dating/marriage fiascos are legend now. This is yet another saga in this woman's life. In a nutshell, she is attracted to men that are abusive--either physically or emotionally.

Back in the day, when it surfaced that it was Wesley Snipes who beat her so bad, she went deaf in one ear, people felt sorry for her,'s becoming very clear that Ms. Berry should seek spiritual and psychiatric help, if she has not already done so.

And then regarding the identity issue: Halle's mother raised her to identify with being Black--she was not educated about the Black experience. And her mother certainly couldn not set the example of how Black women are to be and how they should respond--thus, Halle Berry's connection to the Black community is cerebral--and not rooted by cultural values and experience. What in the world made her make the statement in Ebony regarding the Black community feeling abandoned because she got romantically involved with a white man is beyond understanding, however, it does make one examine this woman with sharper eyes. Does she really know who she is?

The Black community will not suffer because Ms. Berry can't keep yet another man--and is now already dating another man--also, not Black.

What Halle Berry is beginning to look like is the "Tragic Mullato". She's a confused woman and really needs to take a good look in the mirror. If one continually attracts monsters; then one needs to look at the monster within.


Anonymous said...

great post! but i believe halle only made that statement because thats how important she believed she was to the black american community. anywho, i been saying for years this woman loves to draw attention to herself.even when she announced she was half white she did "queen," it was all drama. before she had comestic surgery she look typically black american (negriod even). ppls were shock to learn she "supposedly" has a white mother. and the only reason i use 'supposedly' is because her mother doesn't look 100% white and its no secret how many blacks passed as 'white' back in the day. evenmore, if halle is really half white were are her white relatives? the only relatives that continue resurfacing are black. who knows her parents could even be cousins. we all know some light skin blacks keep it all in the family an used a dark cousin to "thin the blood out." (a seious side eye)

The Uppity Sistah! said...

Halle Berry is a nut ball. She has issues and I'm beginning to believe that perhaps she really should consider mental help.

Something is not right with her...and many folks are beginning to question her extreme narcissism as well as her incessant victimization mentality.