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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Butterfly Effect

Once upon a time there was a girl who was trapped inside her cocoon.  She hid there because it was safe and no one could bother her.  Years went by and that cocoon was a constant shelter, but as the girl began to grow; the cocoon began to feel cramped and suddenly one day, it cracked.  Alarmed, the girl tried to repair the cracks, but as she would cover up one, others would appear.  Then one day, the cocoon completely shattered.  And out of the cocoon; the girl was exposed to the elements. It scared her.   She felt the cold and the heat and had to learn to weather storms and take shelter from the rain.  This began to toughen her.  She suddenly realized how confident she was becoming.  Then she began to take more risks and leave her comfort zone. She suddenly discovered all the wonders that were surrounding her and the more she traveled; she learned even more.  Her growth was continuing and one day while strolling by a river, she saw her reflection and noticed that her form had changed.  She had wings.  A slight wind blew and all at once she began to fly.  Up, up, up she went.  Higher and higher.  She giggled.  It was fun. The freedom was exhilarating and she danced in the sunlight. The rays of the sun shined on her wings and the colors became ever so bright.   She liked this feeling and as she flew higher, a voice came from the sky.  She asked who it was and when it answered, it told her that no longer did she need to hide in a cocoon, for now she was a butterfly.

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