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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Will Not Make Whites Feel Good About Themselves...

Somewhere between the lines of political correctness and reality; there appears to be somewhat and arrogant attitude and presumption that prevails amongst some whites, that Black people have to be nice to them because the Civil Rights Act, after all, couldn't have passed if many whites in this country hadn't supported the cause.  This alone should somehow give them a pass when racial issues come up.


How many of them died for the cause?  Yes, some got hurt, but the it was Blacks who had to dodge bullets, dogs and water hoses.   Many went to jail.  Some had their homes set on fire or bombed.

What I'm getting at is that White people are not owed any type of gratitude because of their involvement in the movement.  Quite the contrary. 

Black people have been conditioned to be passive and obsequious whenever whites show any interest in our causes.  We are not to make any statements that remind whites of the 450 years of terror our ancestors endured nor are we to become belligerent, hostile or caustic in our speech or manner.  Hmmm...that sounds like; even to liberal whites; Black folks are still to act docile, respectful and humble in the presence of whites, albeit that deep down; most Black folks would love to beat the sh*t out of most whites on any given day.  They are not accustomed to hearing the truth spoken about them unapologetically.  White liberals are the worst.

I've been doing a lot of thinking since the Trayvon Martin murder case and protests that are going on.

The Black voices that rose up to speak out against this tragedy are really folks who are just FED UP.  They were fed up with the hypcrisy of White America. 

White folks love to insinuate how much race issues have subsided, yet in the span of 8 months, there are pending cases that involve race.  All the victims were Black and the assailants were white.

Who's zooming who?

Let me just be even more blunt: White folks have not, cannot and seemingly will not face up to this very truth: They are innately evil and as Malcolm X said in the sixties; many of them are depraved.  It's just not in their nature to act civilly toward people of color. 

When the Civil Rights Act was passed; yes, it struck down institutionalized racism; but racism of the heart and mind are passed on...and keep on ticking like a Timex.

I've never been that naive in my life to believe that singing a few unity songs was going to change white people.

Black people need to understand, here and now, that those who are Caucasian; have a unique history in this world. What does their history show? It shows a people obsessed with money, dominance (only the strong survive), power, greed, war, and the use of fear and misinformation as tools to control what they conquer. This is absolutely the truth.

And it's just a matter of intelligence for those Blacks, like myself; to come to the conclusion, based on current history of my generation, regarding Caucasians, that these people are pathological in their behavior, and it's is just pure lunacy to expect them to act with spiritual, moral and brotherly love toward other races of people.

It's just not in them.

Simply put: I don't trust them...and that's just how I see it.

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