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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 Reasons To Buy My New Book!

Knowledge is Power.  Information is Critical.

The greatest journey of my life began at the age of 4 when my mother took me to the library to get my first library card. Throughout my childhood to the present day; I read books that would impact my life.
When I decided to become an author; I followed the advice given to all writers: WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW!
In a nutshell; the day I chose to write my book, it was done with an inspiration from the m...ost high God--its intention completely holistic and pure. The book description:

Why do I feel that this is a book YOU MUST HAVE?

1.The content is powerful, real and relateable.

2.It engages the reader from beginning to finish.

3.The imagination of each chapter truly does take one on a journey with me.

4.You can hear me listening to music as I wrote this book ( I really was listening to a lot of jams while I wrote).

5.The knowledge and information will EMPOWER YOU!

6.You won't be able to put the book down and you won't be the same after reading it!

7.You won't let anyone borrow your copy because you fear they won't return it.

8.You'll be talking about this book to everyone you know!

9.Your mind will expand and so will your consciousness after reading this book!

10.You'll feel as though you've been given the keys to the secret room of knowledge and power after reading this book.

The most powerful people on earth are those who have wisdom and understanding.

I wrote this book from love and it's my greatest hope that those who read it will feel upliftment, pride, and gain spiritual insight and strength.  The impact this book could have on Black males and the Black community as a whole could be most profound.
It's so deep; one will need oxygen after reading it.
Get your copy today!

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