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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Braxton Family Values...Love This Show!!!

When I heard that the Braxton sisters were going to do a reality show last year, I really didn't pay much attention.   After all, would anyone really care about them.  I knew Toni--still have that first album.  After the season was over, I caught the re-runs on Youtube and guess what?  I got hooked.  These sisters really are bonded.  They love each other unconditionally and they fight like hell, but at the end of the day--they know that they are family and that is what matters most.

There aren't many shows these days that showcase African Americans interacting with each other like this...and I really do recommend this show.

I'm the only girl of 4 kids and they make me wish I had sisters to fight with and hang out with.

It airs on Thursdays on WeTv 9/8 central.

The Uppity Sistah fully endorses Braxton Family Values.

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