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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Should You Consider An Amazon Kindle?

The gadgets that are available today seem to be endless.  I'm an avid ready and I've been contemplating buying Amazon's new Kindle.  Why Should I or anyone consider buying one.  Well, for starters, you can download up to 90,000 titles, listen to books, download newspapers, magazines, current events or blogs wherever we may be, it's lightweight and can be carried in our tote bag, purse or briefcase.  And it's great to travel with.  Who wants to slug a bunch of books around?  It's just more weight to carry. 

Some would say, "Why should I pay $399 for one?  How much would you pay for all the books you read?  Not too mention, buying a lot of books takes up space, so you'd have to invest in a bookcase. 

The Kindle is a great invention and since education is an ongoing process; investing in one can be very beneficial.

Whether we like it or not, technology is changing how we live.

I say...Go buy one.

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