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Friday, April 22, 2011

Thug Life: Young Black Males At Their Worst!

Although I loved the late Tupac Shakur as an artist; the movement he endorsed has become a way of life for too many....

The walk...the look...the glare...the attitude. A symbol of defiance, arrogance, undisciplined and unapologetic. This is the image of the young Black male.  Because of this image, I am ashamed to admit just how many young Black males could have lost their lives if they would have dared approach me wrong.

Although I loved Tupac as an artist, his slogan, Thug Life has become a pariah to the casual observer. Every single day...I see some of the worst sites one can see when just viewing people out in public.

Can someone please tell me when...WHEN? when will young Black women wake up and stop fooling around with young men and even grown ass old men who support this type of lifestyle and image?

I am a grown woman and I can remember my twenties very well...and never...absolutely NEVA!!! would I be caught walking with a dude that had his pants hanging off of his @ss--no shirt or a wife beater--if that...and corn rows. To each his own, yes. But the choice of a mate reflects one's character and there is nothing about men who represent criminality, lack of values and upbringing as well as general self-respect. There is nothing of value in the streets and I despise men who have the attitude that all it takes is muscles, tattoos and a big dyck. No. Character, values, hard work ethic,trust, honor, respect is what a man of distinction and importance knows makes him a man.

The proverbial, well dressed Black man is what I remember seeing growing up. These bruthas were GQ down and were very conscientious of their dress, manner, and most definitely how they looked to young women.

Perhaps the lack of male role models in the family is one reason and in my opinion, it takes a man to MAKE A MAN.

But most important, women--young women in particular, set the barometer of social trends of young males. And if a woman does not value herself; she will most certainly attract men that don't value her as well.

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Anonymous said...

Girl, I hear you. What the youngbloods dont' realize is that true women are not turned on at the sight of a man's drawers. We really aren't.

Only one group of people I know that would get a kick out of looking at a man's drawers, and again, it ain't women or straight men!!

The wifebeaters are just no class.