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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Race Matters...Because It Shapes Everthing We Think About Ourselves...

No matter how much you are tired of this issue; race matters. It shapes everything we think, our perceptions about others, how we see ourselves; shapes our concepts and precepts about groups, no matter how much people like myself try to educate people--the color of our skin, what group we're born to, and our status as a group defines us collectively.

The dehuminizing affects that impact our pysches have been passed on through generations of behavior, attitudes, theology and society. The base thought of all dark-skinned Black people is that if you don't have white/light skin, good hair, meaning naturally straight; you're ugly. You're undesirable.

To this day, people believe this.

What is Black Pride? Is this an oxymoron?

How do people of African descent really look at themselves without the contamination of European religion, education, culture, theories and concepts, scientific belief systems going through their minds? How do you value yourself if you have never seen the greatness of your own people?

Whether you are from the West Indies, Pacific Islands, North Africa, West Africa you have adopted the views of your oppressor--and yes, I do mean the white media and institutions that shapes your views about people that look just like you.

Self-hatred is a B*tch!

What are you going to do about it?

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