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Sunday, December 5, 2010

In Search of...A LITERARY AGENT!!!

Seven years and one month ago, I began a journey of writing a book.  At the time when I chose to do it, I was undergoing a lot of changes in my life.  I had recently been laid off from Allstate Insurance and I really wasn't sure what direction to go in.  At first, I did all of the necessary things to get reemployed--even registrating to take a course in Real Estate, but I had money still coming in so...a thought prompted me to begin writing a book.  The grind of working 9-5 had started to get to me and I wanted to do something that could change my life--for the better.

For over 6 years, I had been a topic contributor to a popular website community and had been saving my discussions for a few years.  Upon looking back at some of the discussions and responses; I realized that if I took these discussions and expanded them; I'd have a very interesting book.  A lot of the discussions centered on the relationship between Black men and women.  The birth of my book began from a thread I had created originally entitled, A Love Letter To My Black Mandingos.  Over several tweaks of the title, I finally settled on A Journey Into The Mind of A Black Woman: In Search of Black Men With Purpose.

I completed the book this August and I am in process of getting query letters out to Literary Agents.

Everyone wants to become a best sellilng author, and I'm no different, but what I truly want is for people to GET WHAT I'M SAYING...

My page views are getting larger and if there is someone out there who is looking for fresh writing talent...hey!  Contact me.  Let's make history together!

In the mean time, I'm also considering self-publishing.

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