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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tim Wise: Antiracist or Clever OPPORTUNIST?

When it comes to understanding why some white folks seem to think that by saying things that Black folks want to hear, I'm naturally cynical and suspicious.  And frankly, I'm appalled at the presumption of some to think that Black redemption is dependent upon white salvation. 

The first question I have is WHY are they doing it? And WHERE is this really coming from?

If people have been paying attention as I have, white folks are losing their damn minds. Everywhere you look, they are peddling fear of the ENEMY: meaning anyone that isn't white. Haven't we seen this before in history? Can white folks be saved from their racism?

Frankly, I have been checking out this dude named Tim Wise who calls himself an antiracist, he's a writer and lecturer. Hmmm...this cat has been making a lot of money from his books.  Link: . He's also been getting a lot of pats on the back from many in Black community who have been saying what he has been making money from for decades. Just check out his lectures on Youtube:

Yes, White Privilege is real. And Mr. Wise has been telling errrrvverybody that he can...but again, why?

And finanically, he's cleaning up, but who's really benifitting? Have his lectures improved Black unemployment? Have they made schools better?  Is he donating some of his earnings to Black churches? Why is the white southerner so inclined to teach folks about what most Black folks know before they are 10 years old?

Is Tim Wise really a concerned white man trying to end racism or is he a clever opportunist?

Just asking...

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