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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Facebook Finally Got Me!!!

For quite some time, I've been reluctant to become a member of many of the popular social networking sites.  My stance was why in the world would people have the need to share so much about their life.  But 3 days ago, after much thought, I gave in.  I became a member of Facebook--as you can see from the badge on my home page.  After going through the registration my shock, I was instantly linked to friends from my old high school in North Chicago, Illinois, some of  whom I hadn't seen...well...since high school.  Immediately I requested friendship with about 25 people and about that many responded.  Everyone really looked good, gathering from the pictures and I've been in conversation with about 6 consistently for the last 3 days.

It made me happy to see my old friends and classmates.  They all are doing well and most have families of their own now.  Age has escaped many of them.  No Botox, face lifts or breast implants in the bunch.  A few of the guys have gotten a little chunky though, but many of the ladies must have bribed Mother Nature.

Lately, I've been a little homesick and I have been thinking about moving back home to Chicago. Chicago is just one of those cities that you can never leave even though you may reside somewhere else.  It's a great city.

Anyhoot...until I decide to move...I'll just keep in touch with all my old friends who still live there as solice.

Thus, I'm now officially a "friend" on Facebook and I admit that I'm diggin' it.

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